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12 10 13 Things to know

Dear Classmates.

Tuesday December 10 at 7 pm at our Windows Class, after questions from our classmates, we will demo:

1. On the Desktop, View, Sort by, Refresh, New, and Personalize.

2. Dragging files and folders into a folder. Name all your files in one fell swoop.

3. Saving Photos and Documents to a CD, DVD. or Flash Drive.

4. Use both Internet Explorer and Chrome.

5. Please do not Defrag and Scan when it is not needed. It just wears out your computer.

6. How to use Programs and features to make it easier for you to find your programs.

7. Microsoft Word: Change your Font, Font Style, and Size.
Also an easy way to find out what a word means.

8. Using the Snipping Tool. Greatest thing since sliced bread.

9. Where to go to find out about your RAM, HARD DRIVE, PROCESSOR CHIP???

Kindest regards,

Joe Isaac

Kentucky Wildcats Schedule - 2013-14

From Mira Engle: web site for UK Fans.

Golden Oldies:
From Wayne Bell & Gene Wheeler: Let me be your first Christmas wisher.
MERRY CHRISTMAS !  & All the Best in 2011

Ashland College in Ohio always does a beautiful Christmas card and this year they have done another one. This should get you into the Christmas Spirit. Make sure you have your speakers on and enjoy.

From: Suzanne Hurley     MERRY CHRISTMAS:
 A Christmas Animation Move the Ornament from Less ------ to More and it will do the decorations. Also click on the icons to the Right of More for music, color and snow.

Q. Joe I just received your email and it is in color. I would like to print it in black rather than using color ink. Is there a quick fix?          

A. Go to File, Print, Preferences, and select Print Color Images in Black and White.   

Q: What is the difference between hibernate and sleep.

A: Sleep stores your computer's state in its memory. Starting up is fast, but if power is lost, the memory is wiped.

Hibernation stores everything on the hard drive and then shuts down the computer. But it isn't susceptible to a power failure.

Q. Joe, I have forgotten how to determine what Version of Internet Explorer I have installed. Can you help?  

 A. Open Internet Explorer: at the top click on Help, then click on About Internet Explorer, and it will show you the version. This works for the version of any program you have.

USB:    Universal Serial Bus
USB 3.0 is 4.8 Gbps (10 times faster.)
USB 2.0 is at 480 Mbps

Q: When I drag and drop files, how do I know what is happening to them? Are they being moved, copied, or is Windows just creating a short cut?

A: 1.  " + " sign in a little white box, the file is being copied.
2. An arrow, Windows is creating a shortcut .
3. Nothing at all, the file is being moved.

MP3 files are compressed Audio Files.
MP4 files are compressed Video Files

If you want a current list of Members Helping Members:

Then click on  WINDOWS 8.1 TIPS'll be glad you did. 

Q. What type of anti-virus software do you recommend?

A. I highly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials it provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.
I’ve been using since its Debut in January 25, 2010. Several people in my computer class have nothing but nice things to say about it.

Window 8 comes with the anti-virus already installed, it is called Windows Defender, it is Microsoft Security Essentials kissing cousin.


Q. Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2013
To: 'Joe Isaac'  Subject: Spam

I seem to be getting an enormous amount of spam (unwanted advertising) in recent months.  Is there something I can do?

At the bottom of the email click on UNSUBSCRIBE.

In Windows Live Mail, your program may be similar.  Click File, Options, Safety Options, then click on the Tab, Phishing, and configure then tab Security and configure. If you make it too strict you will  not receive regular emails with attachments.

All the best and thanks for all the messages.
‘(I need all the help I can get out here in Montana.)

Thanks, I’m  using Outlook 2010, I’ll try it

For your Grandkids:




Sent: Saturday, November 16, 2013

   Always makes me laugh!!  Thanks, Joe!! I'm missing Kentucky!!   Eliz.

Judge sentences Anonymous hacker to 10 years in prison

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