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Thanks to Mike Seiler's hard work, you'll be able to see this meeting live on your computer: On Tuesday March 10th at 7pm click on:

(this one link works on all CKCS broadcasts) 

Look to the bottom right of the screen and:
Turn your sound up, and click on the double arrows for full screen.

 Please Please Please CLICK ON:   and tell us if you watched this broadcast, we need to know.

Will demo Google Now vs Microsoft's Cortana. This is where you talk to the computer and it talks back or shows web site.


Dear Classmates, 

Tuesday March 10 at 7 pm we are going into Basics and Common Things 

If you have questions about Windows 8 or 8.1 please come to this class. 

Jerry Markussen will explain the difference Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom. 

I will show you a secret way to use OneDrive that you will love. 

1. Spring Cleaning. Free up disk space, Delete unneeded files and uninstall unused programs. 

2. Just talk to Google Chrome and it will find a web site. 

3. Will Demo all 12 F keys. 

4. Change the size of your Internet Page or your email? 

5. Save and Save As: Control Z   OOPS?   Control Y, puts it back. 

6. How to save your documents and photos to a flash drive? 

7. Use the Details, Preview, and Navigation Panes in Windows Explorer. 

8. How to view and arrange Photos?  

9. Drag a photo from the Internet to your Desktop. Plus Snipping Tool

10. Add A Cartoon Touch To Your Photos

It’s so easy to have a lot of fun with pictures this way. Check it out today!  

This is a meeting you don't want to miss. 

Please plan to attend, invite your friends and bring your questions! 

Kindest  regards,            

 Joe Isaac       





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