Wednesday, March 9, 2016

4 12 16  Printing, Folders, and Default Options*

Hot off the press:  If you have a Time Warner Phone account, from your bill,  at the top left get the customer code number and call 514-1400 and tell them to stop the robo calls, they have a new program that will.  Happy Days.

Dear Classmates,

Microsoft's Windows is the most-used software in the world. It runs on over 90 percent of all computers in existence.

Our Windows Class will meet Tuesday April 12th at 7 pm and
after class questions, we will discuss and demo Printing Options, Folder Options, Default Options, etc..

Welcome to the wonderful world of computing.
Joe Isaac     


1. Printing Options: Portrait, Landscape, Two-sided, print black or color only, Print Last Page First

2. Folder Options: Single or Double Click, Show all folders, Display or Hide different files or folders. Make new folders. Show File extensions like .doc or .jpg.

3. Default Programs, which programs open which File extensions
.doc .jpg etc…

4. Spotify: Now with lyrics so you can sign along.

5. Great things you can do with the Lexington Herald Leader online.
You can email the article, print the article, have the article read to you.
You save a tree, don't have to look for your paper in the snow or bushes.

6. When a file will not delete, will show you a trick I learned.

7. Have an alarm go off at certain times of the day.

8. Make a video of your self and email it.

9. Windows 10, Cortana, EDGE.

10. Easy way to Pin to Taskbar.

11. Video guide to Windows 10: Learn Windows 10 the easy way. I am a premium member and bought 5 of them on sale for $11  + 1 shipping, for resale to you. 


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