Saturday, November 22, 2014

12 9 14 Things to know

Dear Classmates. 

Tuesday December 9 at 7 pm at our Windows Class, after questions from our classmates, we will demo: 

1. On the Desktop, View, Sort by, Refresh, New, and Personalize.  

2. Dragging files and folders into a folder. Name all your files in one fell swoop. 

3. Saving Photos and Documents to a CD, DVD. or Flash Drive. 

4. Use both Internet Explorer and Chrome.


5. Please do not Defrag and Scan when it is not needed. It just wears out your computer.  

6. How to use Programs and features to make it easier for you to find your programs. 

7. Microsoft Word: Change your Font, Font Style, and Size.
Also an easy way to find out what a word means. 

8. Using the Snipping Tool. Greatest thing since sliced bread. 

9. Where to go to find out about your RAM, HARD DRIVE, PROCESSOR CHIP???

 10. Tips on Windows 8.1.

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