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3 11 14  Basics and Common Things*

Basics and Common Things

Dear Classmates,

Tuesday March 11 at 7 pm we are going into Basics and Common Things.  

Windows 8.1 update due in spring with concessions to mouse and keyboard users

Joe, thank you so much for all you do for CKCS members.  You asked for topics for your class, and I (and others with whom I have talked) feel very unknowledgeable about all the F keys.  Start with F1 key and tell us what each one is there for.... What do you think about this idea?  Great idea, will demo in class.
1. Spring Cleaning. Free up disk space, Delete unneeded files and uninstall unused programs.

2. Just talk to Google Chrome and it will find a web site.

3. Will Demo all 12 F keys.

4. Change the size of your Internet Page or your email?

5. Save and Save As: Control Z   OOPS?   Control Y, puts it back.

6. How to save your documents and photos to a flash drive?

7. Use the Details, Preview, and Navigation Panes in Windows Explorer.

8. How to view and arrange Photos?

9. Drag a photo from the Internet to your Desktop. Plus Snipping Tool

10. Add A Cartoon Touch To Your Photos
It’s so easy to have a lot of fun with pictures this way. Check it out today!

This is a meeting you don't want to miss.

Kindest  regards,                    

Joe Isaac     


Q. Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2014
Subject: Windows

Hi Joe,  Happy New Year to you and Alberta!

    I have a question about Windows 8.0 versus 8.1.  You probably have posted this and I am sorry if I missed it.  What is the difference between Windows 8.0 and 8.1?  Also, have there been any problems with 8.1?  I recently purchased a new laptop with 8.0 and so far I like it. 

A. So glad you got a new Windows 8 computer.

There are a lot of good differences.
1. You can resize your Tiles, which is fantastic.
2. It updates your apps automatically.
3. You can get rid of the hot corners if you wish.
4. The weather tile will give you an interactive weather map
     just like you see on TV.
5. If you wish you may go directly to the Desktop when you first
    turn your computer on.
6. You have to do it anyway by Nov. 2015.
7. It does other things, but off hand I can't remember them.
8. Please give me feedback on what you like and don't like.
9. Go to the tips below.

WINDOWS 8.1 TIPS .......................................................... 188

Please let me know if this works. Kindest regards,  Joe

Response: Hi Joe,
  Thank you for the information on Windows 8 and 8.1 and the tutorial.  I have downloaded 8.1 and there are a lot of very nice features.  I really do like my Windows 8 computer especially the optional touch screen and even more since I have downloaded 8.1.  I really enjoy having the tiles and as you mentioned the interactive weather.  Also being able to see and manage my mail from the tiles. 
    Thank you again for always being so helpful.  My best to Alberta. 
            Take Care,             

If someone bought the Surface Pro, would you please tell the class of your experience.
Saw this bumper sticker on a car from Ohio:

From Myra Engle: What happened the year you were born??

Q. Should I unsubscribe to spam email?
A. I always do.

Q. How Do I Change Text Size in Internet Explorer?
A. When you are on a web site, at the top click on View, scroll down to Text size.

Q. Yesterday I bought a new HP Windows 8 Laptop. Do you have special Internet sites or some other information for me to learn all the new things in Windows 8? Thanks in advance and best regards

Ulrich, Weiherstra├če 29, D- 61169 Friedberg, Germany

A. Huge amount of information on Windows 8 online.

Go to:  click on Windows 8 TIPS.

TAX FORMS:           
Federal: (you can actually fill in the forms on line, save them and print them.
You can actually fill out your 1040 tax forms on this web site:


Fayette School:
=======================   =======================  

Mountain Top Removal in Lynch & Benham, Kentucky

 5,000 artists and 100,000 paintings make us the largest online Web Museum in the world!  Monet, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc..

Q.  Joe, I would like to buy a laptop for my daughter.  Do you have a preference for a mid-priced, fairly durable laptop? 

A. I have no preference, usually buy what is on sale at a $100 or $150 discount in the Sunday Lexington Herald-Leader inserts.

Presently, I have 2 Toshiba laptops.

SUGGESTIONS FOR YOUR NEW Windows 8.1 Computer.
Intel i5 and i7 or AMD equivalent
RAM or Memory 6 to 8 GB DDR3
Ports: USB 2 and 3 
Hard Drive 500 GB or more
Built in Webcam if a Laptop.
LCD Monitor: 15.6" or more. For a Desktop 24".
DVD-RW Drive To burn CD's or DVD's.
Digital Media Reader: For your Digital Camera memory card.

After she gets her new Windows 8 Computer, click on the
link below for some great TIPS. She will love her Windows 8.1 Computer.
and click on WINDOWS 8.1 TIPS

Response: Thank you so much.  That is exactly the information I was needing.  Both Best Buy and Office Max had Toshiba's on sale. 
Been unable to continue coming to Tuesday night SIGs, but still can keep up with changes in computer world with your monthly newsletter. Much enjoyment reading books on Kindle Fire

Turning the computer off then after a few seconds turn it back on, forces the equipment to reset and restart from a known good state.  The same is true for software, video cards, network hardware, other peripherals.

Here's a list of the worst passwords.
1.    123456
2.    password
3.    12345678
4.    qwerty
5.    abc123
6.    123456789
7.    111111
8.    1234567
9.    iloveyou
10.                    adobe123
Microsoft publishes a 2014 Windows 8.1 how-to guide

Declutter your PC for better security and more storage

A cluttered hard drive can be disorderly and slow, but it can also be a security hazard. This is especially true of any software on your PC that you rarely, if ever, use. Perhaps you installed a free demo, or you completed a game and you’ll never touch it again.

Chances are good that the software you’re not actively using isn’t being patched and kept up-to-date, which means it may leave your PC vulnerable to exploits.

Just as you regularly remove expired jars of mayonnaise and uneaten leftovers from your refrigerator (right?), any time is a good time to rid your PC of useless and unwanted programs. It never hurts to clear out old data files you’ll never need again, too.

Unused applications, Unnecessary services, Obsolete data

Worth your time to do. Give it a look see.

Hi Joe...Remember I said I could not open the attachments on your emails. Well I found I could not open any ".doc" document. My son told me how to fix it. He said it sounded like a file association problem. Go to control panel. default programs, file association, find .doc. see what is associated with. Mine was associated with "Microsoft office". I changed it to: "Microsoft word" and now it works fine. I can open your attachments. You said you wanted tom know if I fixed the problem, well that fixed it.   Regards..




Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2014
To: Joe Isaac
Subject: Virus Checking

Joe, I read somewhere that virus scanning should be run in safe mode?  Is that true?  No, I have never run it in safe mode.

I really am looking forward to spring and pretty weather so I can get back in a routine of attending CKCS classes!! Will be good to see you in Class.

Microsoft combats Chromebook threat by cutting Windows licensing fees by 70 percent for PC makers. on devices that retail for less than $250, in a move designed to combat rival low-cost tablets and Chromebooks. PC makers are usually charged $50 for a license of Windows 8.1, but will be offered a license for just $15 on their low-cost devices.

What can I recycle in Lexington?



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Please Remember there is no meeting in FEBRUARY. 

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