Monday, April 20, 2015

 After you click on this link for CKCS Streaming, in the address bar at the top, drag the icon that is in front of the http to the Desktop. Now all you have to do is click on this icon.

Open your email program, click on contacts and enter the email address below. Now when you send an email about the Streaming it will be easy.


5 12 15  Desktop, Taskbar, and New Stuff*   
Dear Classmates,
Try to make this class, in person or online. Click this link at  7 pm Tuesday May 12th.

1. Desktop: View and Sort your Icons, Create new Folders and Shortcuts. Personalize; Change the visuals and sounds on your computer.
Rename and reduce long icons on desktop. Make snazzy Icons.

 2. Taskbar;  Jump Lists (Pinned and Recent) and Notification Area

3. Start Button: For a super Menu, Right click the Start Button or do Win + X on the keyboard.  You get Menu items: Shut Down, File Explorer, Control Panel, System, Programs and features….

4. Shutdown: Shut down your computer with One click.

5. How to tell what programs are open:
On the Keyboard, hold down the ALT and tap the Tab key and it will show you a thumbnail of all open programs or files.

 6. Don't know how much to tip like 15 % of 41.59 ask OK Google.

7. Bounce it:  Maximize or cut a window in half.

8. Quick and easy way to put a web address on your Desktop:

 9. Will Demo how to number photos all at once.

For the very latest news about computing go to:

Kindest regards,
Joe Isaac

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