Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11, & Google Chrome*

10 14 14   Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11, & Google Chrome*

Dear Classmates, 

I downloaded Windows Technical Preview (which is the raw Windows 10 in progress) October 1, and am using it every day. 

Will give full demonstration of the Fantastic features coming with Windows 10. Cortana (like Siri), Internet Explorer 12 and more will be added later. 

They have a section called Windows Feedback, so if you have any suggestions on improving Windows operating system, please send them to me in an email.


This is my Start menu screen. I get this screen when I click the Start button or hit the Win key on the keyboard.

 Great new screen, combines Windows 7 Start button, but vastly improved and Start Screen. You may customize both, which I did. I love it.

 Come see Windows 10 in action.

 Will demo Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7 and 8.1.


Will demo Internet Options in Internet Explorer 11 including:

1. Text Size, Menu Bar, and Status Bar

2. Home Page.

3. Privacy including Pop-up Blocker

4. Content: Auto Complete

5. Advanced: Disable script debugging….

Will demo Google Chrome including:


2. History

3. Settings

4. Advanced Settings.

5. Autofill

6. About Google Chrome





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