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            4 14 15  Printing, Folders, and Default Options*

Dear Classmates, 

Microsoft's Windows is the most-used software in the world. It runs on over 90 percent of all computers in existence. 

Our Windows Class will meet Tuesday April 14th at 7 pm and

after class questions, we will discuss and demo Printing Options, Folder Options, Default Options, how to create a desktop shortcut to a web site, the best options in Windows Explorer, etc..  

We Will Also Demo Windows 8.1 Tips.  Windows 10 will arrive this summer. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of computing.

Joe Isaac    


Please remember Windows 8.1 is 88% Windows 7.

These items will be the same in Windows 7 and Windows 8.


1. Printing Options: Portrait, Landscape, Two-sided, print black or color only, Print Last Page First. 

2. Folder Options: Single or Double Click, Show all folders, Display or Hide different files or folders. Make new folders. Show File extensions like .doc or .jpg. 

3. Default Programs, which programs open which File extensions
.doc .jpg etc… 

4. OneDrive, Save some Files and Folders there, save space on your hard drive. Create a link and whoever you send the link, can open the File or Folder. Great idea if you can use it. I love it. 

In Windows 7 it is Windows Explorer In Windows 8.1 it is named File Explorer

And contains all your files and folders and drives. From here you can Copy, cut, create, delete, find, move, save, shortcut, zip and unzip Files. 

Suggestions for your new Windows 8.1 laptop: 

Go to   click on WINDOWS 8.1 TIPS.


Q. How do I know if I have a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows?

A. Start, Control Panel, System.

(It also tells you Processor chip speed and amount of RAM.)


32 bit is like a 4 lane highway carrying data, 64 bit is like an 8 lane highway carrying twice as much data.


Q. How do I add to the Send To menu.

A. Click the Start button and type shell:sendto  in the search box, hit Enter.  Click on File, New, Shortcut. Browse until you find the program and click on it.


SNIPPING TOOL (greatest thing since sliced bread)

No matter where you are, Internet, word document, email you can draw a rectangle around what you want and save it as a .jpg file.

 Type Snip in the Start Search box, then hit Enter, left click and drag to capture any part of the screen. Then click on the Floppy Icon at the top to save.


Are you getting what you pay for? Check your Internet Speed.  


From Bill Rauth: SLIDES FOUND AT THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS...             

The pictures are so clear and the color is so vibrant, it looks as though they were taken just yesterday.                       

From WorldStart:

Windows 8.1 is really confusing me. Can you explain what: an App is and do I really need it? Can I compute casually with APP?

An app is simply a program. Microsoft likes to mess with our minds.

Q. Hi, I haven't been able to open the newsletter.  I've never had trouble before,  What do I need to do.  I love getting these, they are very helpful

A. I have done nothing differently, maybe your file association is off.

Can you open other .doc files? I assume you have Microsoft Office.
Any way you can: 

1. Go to:  and click on any date.  All my emails are here.

2. If you need a free Word Processor.

LibreOffice is similar to Office 2003 and install, run, and save files on the local hard drive. CNET gives LibreOffice 5 stars.


Thank you Joe,

I was able to get it on the site you sent me.

Thank you so much for all you do for so many people

(Thank you so much for the kind words. It means so much to me.)


Q. We recently purchased a new computer with Windows 8.1

operating system. We could use some training and or

guidance Windows 8.1 along with guidance and training in

Photo Gallery. Thank you for your helpful assistance.
A. Go to Control Panel and do Windows Update.

For Windows 8.1 TIPS go to:

and at the top click on WINDOWS 8.1 TIPS

Under that you will find Windows Live Photo Gallery tips.

It will help you a lot. If you have specific questions

please email me.

 Response: Joe: What are the requirements to join your group?

I found your tips to be informative and helpful. I will

have more questions as I work through the tips and apps.

Thank you very much.

A. I have a class the 2nd Tuesday each month at 7 pm for an

hour or so.

This is our web site:  

These are all our meeting schedules:

If you wish to join:

We would be delighted to have you as a member.


WiFi, connects to the internet wirelessly using microwaves in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands

Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2015

To: 'Joe Isaac' ; 'Undisclosed-Recipient:;'

Subject: RE: Basics and Common Things Review*

I knew about most of this, but the GodMode.  Way cool.



Q. Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2015

To: Joe Isaac

Subject: new computer

Enjoyed watching you live tonight from my home computer!  Good information!
I may have to go ahead and get a new computer.  I have windows 7 now and my computer is not doing too well these days.  I have had it 4 years.  So I am looking to buy a new computer and maybe take Mike’s windows 8.1 class that starts April 1st!

I need your great list of what to be sure and get on a new computer.  I like a laptop and I have only had HP’s.

 Any tips you provide will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

A. SUGGESTIONS FOR YOUR NEW Windows 8.1 Computer.

                          Windows 10 may be out this summer. 

(The speed of your new computer is going to be a lot faster than your old one.)

Processor: Latest generation Intel core i3, i5, i7 processor or AMD equivalent.

Memory:  4 to 8GB DDR3

Ports: Should have both USB3 and USB2 Ports (USB3 is10 times faster than USB2)                                                                                                      

Hard Drive: 500GB or 1TB  

In addition to the above, a 256GB Solid-State Hard Drive: (SSD) This is an expensive option but it has lightning speed.

Webcam: if a Laptop. 

LCD Monitor: 15.6" or 17” for a Laptop, for a Desktop 24". 

DVD-RW Drive: To burn CD's or DVD's. 

Digital Media Reader: For your Digital Camera memory stick. 

Windows Defender Antivirus program: comes with Windows 8.1 so you don't need Norton or McAfee. Windows Defender is a great Antivirus program.

 As soon as you get online with your new computer go to Control Panel and click on Windows Update. This will update your antivirus and all Microsoft Programs

 Please go to: 

and click on WINDOWS 8.1 & Windows 10 TIPS 

If you have a question please email me:









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