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7 8 14 System Tools and Security*

 Dear Classmates,
Tuesday, July 8 at 7 pm at our Windows 7, 8.1 Workshop.

 My new HP laptop has a Click (touch) Pad that acts like a touch screen. I really like it for its ease and convenience.  I use it 90% of the time, the mouse 10%.  Will demo.



Windows 8 was   released October 26 2012.

Windows 8.1 was released in October 2013.

 After our Question and Answer period and we will discuss and demo:
1. Disk Cleanup: It deletes; Temporary Internet Files, Temporary Files, Recycle Bin, Offline Web Pages, etc.

2. Defragment:  (rearranges your data for faster access)  As you add and delete programs and files your, it is scattered all over the hard drive    Defrag rearranges your data so there are no empty spaces and the programs and data you use the most are put into the fastest accessible portion of your hard drive.

 3. System Information. Tells you all about the Hardware and Software on your computer. (More than you want to know).

Will demo the free Belarc Advisor.

 4. System Restore:  Restores your system to a previous date. Say you installed a new program today and your computer went haywire, use System Restore to restore it to yesterday. Restore Point: Creates one when you download Windows updates.

5. Action Center: Manage security settings for Automatic Updates, Internet Options, and Windows Firewall. What safety features are turned on.

6. Anti-Virus programs:

For Windows 7, Microsoft Security Essentials

For Windows 8.1 Windows Defender

 7. Power Options; puts your computer to sleep when not in use.

 8. Configure Notification Area Icons. They are on the right side of the Taskbar.

9. msconfig: Too many people have too many programs starting up.

 10. Ram, Processor or Chip, and Hard Drive

 Please take note: There will be NO meeting in August.

Kindest regards,

 Joe Isaac


 Q. How do I increase the size of my font in Windows 7?

 A. Right click on your desktop and choose Personalize. Then on the left side, click on the DISPLAY, select Smaller, Medium, Larger, Next, lick on Apply.


Check your Internet Speed: http://www.pcpitstop.com/internet/bw.asp

Drivers are mini-programs (instructions) that tell your computer how to use its hardware (like printers, scanners, etc.)


 Q. Where is the refresh button on tool Bar?

A. At the top of Internet Explorer 11 there is a curved Arrow next to the X, to Refresh click on it, or just hit F5 on the keyboard.


 Q. How is the quickest way to switch between open programs or documents?

A.  By Jerry Heaton: Do Alt Tab on the keyboard and it will show all open programs.


Q. I am trying to find how to make my internet page blank like you do yours?     Thanks,

A. Go to Control Panel, click on Internet options  you get this screen.


Click on Use new tab and at the bottom click on OK.

Response: Got it!  This is so much better!   Thanks,



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