Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hi Joe, Would you please send a reminder to all of your people on your mailing list that we are having our annual picnic and election of officers on June 13 at Shillito Park
Thanks!     Brooke


Hey Gang, look at your great new comfortable seats.

Stop waffling and install Windows 10 on your computer already.

After July 28 you're going to have to pay $120 to upgrade your PC to the latest and greatest Windows.

So, please, while there's time left: If you've been on the
fence - it's time to upgrade to Windows 10.

The United States Department of Defense is planning on having all if its 4 million systems upgraded to Windows 10.  Windows 10 is the most secure operating system ever.

I send emails to over 400 classmates each month.
Below is a sample I send out before class, after class I send out the same number of emails demonstrating the items in the first email.

It is free, if you wish to be on the email list; just send me your email address.

6 14 16 Email Basics and Windows 10.

Dear Classmates,

Windows 7, 8.1, & 10 workshop will meet Tuesday June 14 at 7 pm.
You will be amazed at what your email program can do.
We will demonstrate Windows Live Mail,  your email program may be similar:

 HOW TO:   
1. Automatically check for messages.
2. Change the font and size used in reading or sending messages.
3. Surprise TIPS.
4. Add preset Signatures to your emails.
5. Automatically Spell Checking your emails.
6. Click on Read Receipt and get an email when the person you sent an email opens it.
7. Insert a photo into your email.
8. Add Contacts and put them in alphabetical order.
9. Put several email addresses in a folder so you may click on the folder and your whole group will receive an email.
10. Save email addresses and messages to a CD or Thumb Drive.
11. Copy a photo from an email or web site
12. Use the Snipping Tool to send an email by Gene Wheeler
13. How to setup the Calendar.
14. Review of the latest changes in the Windows 10. 

Windows 10 Now on 300 Million Active Devices –
Free Upgrade Offer to End Soon.


From Jerry Heaton and Jerry Markussen

Need to find out what’s inside your computer?
Speccy has all the information you need!

This is Joe's summary from his Desktop. It has tons of more information this is only one of them.


Watch live Lexington traffic online

A new traffic camera system in Lexington allows commuters to take a look at traffic conditions online.
The high-definition cameras are placed at 79 heavy-traffic intersections
around the city, and anyone can see the live footage at . More traffic cameras will be added to other intersections as the network connecting the cameras expands.
The project cost about $170,000 and used existing traffic camera
infrastructure. (I have been waiting a long time for this, I love it.)

To move the map to different locations, left click and drag.
You can enlarge the map with the wheel on your mouse, click on a business and it will show a photo of the business, location, phone, hours open, and reviews.

Below is only a photo. You have to click on the link above, then click on the camera at the location you want.

On the left, just click on CAMERAS, then click on the location.


This really got to me.  God love her.


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