Saturday, April 23, 2016

5 10 16  Desktop, Taskbar, and Windows 10*   

Dear Classmates,


1. Desktop: View and Sort your Icons, Create new Folders and Shortcuts. Personalize; Change the visuals and sounds on your computer.
Rename and reduce long icons on desktop. Make snazzy Icons.

2. Taskbar;  Jump Lists (Pinned and Recent) and Notification Area
Close several WORD windows at the same time from the Taskbar.

3. Start Button: For a super Menu, Right click the Start Button or do Win + X on the keyboard.  You get Menu items: Shut Down, File Explorer, Control Panel, System, Programs and features….

4. Shutdown: Shut down your computer with One click.

5. How to tell what programs are open:
On the Keyboard, hold down the ALT and tap the Tab key and it will show you a thumbnail of all open programs or files.

6. Don't know how much to tip like 20 % of 41.59 ask Cortana.

7. Demo PVA's great web site. See appraisal on your house or neighbor's.

8. Windows 10: Microsoft EDGE, fantastic browser. 


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