Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hey Gang, please don't miss out or almost wait a year to use all the good things on Windows 10. Fun things like Cortana, who will answer your questions or open a program for you, and make life easier with EDGE, with an option that lets you read a web page without the ads.

11 10 15  Internet Safety, Control Panel & Skype*

Dear Classmates, 

Tuesday, November 10 at 7 pm at CKCS we will Demo: 

1. Internet Safety: Security Screen, Windows Defender. 
2. Control Panel: Great place to configure your computer. 
3. System restore. (This will save your life) 
4. Crash course in Skype. (Talk and see the person you are talking with.) I'm Skyping with Jerry Markussen.

This is his picture on my monitor.

 This is my picture on his monitor.

5. The best way to explore and enjoy the items on Joe's Tips CD, ( A pleasant way to spend some time.)

Fantastic Photos, Beautiful Scenes, Songs, Really Funny Jokes, "Entertaining" web sites and "Learning" web sites

6. Questions on Windows 10.

Remember to err is human, to really screw up you need a Computer.

Kindest regards,

Joe Isaac

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