Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1 14 14  Photo Gallery, IE 11, and Chrome 31 *

Dear Classmates, 

On Tuesday January 14 at 7 pm: 
We will take photos in class, insert the memory stick from the camera into the computer, and in the FREE  Windows Live Photo Gallery  we will:

Auto Adjust,
Get rid of Red eye,
Adjust Color

Please Remember there is no meeting in FEBRUARY.

Last chance to ask questions until March.

Kindest regards,

Joe Isaac

 Will Demo: Windows Live Photo Gallery


Will demo:  Internet Explorer 11,

Will demo: Chrome, version 31.


If you are running Windows 8, you should do the free upgrade to Windows 8.1, it is so much better.

United States Armed Forces Medley


I have two problems out here in Ennis, Montana.
Both involve Forwarding messages.

Q.1. When I forward a message and start to type something in the forwarded message, it inserts my name in italics. Do you know how I can get rid of that?
A. In Windows live mail, at the top click on File, Options,   Signatures, and uncheck “Add signatures to all outgoing messages” or check “Don’t add signatures to replies and forwards.”

Q. 2. When I forward a message that has come into me that is NOT in html for formatting and has a hyperlink I wish to pass along, the hyperlink  in the forwarded message remains in black and I believe it cannot act as a hyperlink that way. 

A. Put your cursor at the very last letter in the Link and hit the space bar and if it underlines it, you are in business. Sometime you think you are at the end and you are not, you might have to do a back space to get to the very end of the link.
(Mike Seiler told me about this tip.)

Response: Joe, Many thanks. Both worked. You are right, it is hard to tell if one is on last letter of link. Seems to be good to go now. Again, many thanks,, and all good wishes.  Henry

 Q. Joe, I cannot open the attachments in your emails. 

A. If you do not have Microsoft WORD then Bob Brown recommends Libre Office. When you download, be sure they don’t try to give you McAfee or some other program.

Top 6 states with the Worst drivers.
1. Louisiana
2. South Carolina
3. Mississippi
4. Texas
5. Alabama
6. Florida

From Myra Engle:
Move your mouse over the picture.  HAPPY NEW YEAR! 


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