Monday, August 3, 2015

Dear Classmates, 

Our Windows 7 & 8.1 workshop will meet Tuesday August 11 at 7 pm.  We will give a full demonstration of Windows 10. This will be one of the most important workshops this year. 

1. Desktop Screen.
2. Start Screen.
3. Cortana, (you will love her)
4. Edge, Microsoft 's new browser, faster than IE.
5. Questions from the classmates. 

Please attend, but if you cannot, you can watch it at home on your computer:  

Welcome to the wonderful world of computing.            
Joe Isaac     

 Goodbye Windows 8, Hello Windows 10

The familiar Windows Desktop is back, only better.  

These are my Windows 10 screens, I have been using Windows 10 Beta since October 1, 2014.  Most of us will receive the Windows 10 Home version.  Your Windows 10 Desktop will look like this only it will have your icons on the Windows Desktop and your icons in the Taskbar.  It will be very familiar to you and so user friendly.


In the Taskbar you will have 2 or 3 new icons which will make computing must faster and easier. 1. On the bottom left is a microphone icon, click on it and type in the Search Box or ask Cortana a question.  The next icon is called Task View and will show Apps that are open.

Windows 10 has a Desktop Screen, just like Windows 7 -- only better. Windows 10 boots straight to the desktop.

Internet Explorer is taking a backseat to a new Web browser EDGE, which is faster than a speeding bullet.  Microsoft's Siri-like Cortana voice assistant you can talk to her and she talks back. If you ask her "who is your Daddy", she may answer "Bill Gates".

This is Windows 10 Start Screen, It has a list of your most used apps, most visited folders and recently added software. If this list is not there, click on the 4 lines at the top left.  Power button on the bottom left (turn computer off)





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